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A Brief Understanding of different Houses of Kalpurusha Kundali

1st House - Tanu Bhava : Self/Body/Own Identity.

2nd House- Dhana Bhava: Wealth/Own education/Family/Nurture.

3rd House- Buddhi Bhava: Efforts/Intellect/Communication.

4th House- Bandhu-Kutumbha Bhava: Primary Lineage/Mother/Maternal Possessions/ Motherland.

5th House- Putra Bhava: Creations/Children/Reproductive System/ Father's Health.

6th House- Shatru Bhava: Enemies/Court Litigations/struggles/conflicts/short term Ilness.

7th House- Vibhaha Bhava: Spouse/In laws/ Legal relationships/Legal contracts/ Marriage.

8th House- Ayu Bhava: Longivity/death/hidden powers/ mysticism/ occultism/ accidents/long term illness.

9th House- Dharma Bhava: Religion/Teachers/Spiritual beliefs/Higher education/ Guru/ Father's support/ Values.

10th House - Karma Bhava: Workplace/ Type of job/ Career/ Profession/ Father.

11th House- Labha Bhava : Gains/Incomes/Name/Fame/Desires/ Wish Fulfillment.

12th House- Vairagya Bhava : Ending/isolation/jail/Bondage/detachment.

In the natural zodiac or kal purusha kundali- 1st House - Aries ruled by Mars. ( MTS). 2nd House - Taurus ruled by Venus. 3rd House- Gemini ruled by Mercury. 4th House- Cancer ruled by Moon. 5th House- Leo rules by Sun. 6th House- Virgo ruled by Mercury.( MTS) 7th House- Libra ruled by Venus. ( MTS) 8th House- Scorpio ruled by Mars. 9th House- Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter.( MTS). 10th House- Capricorn ruled by Saturn. 11th House- Aquarius ruled by Saturn.(MTS). 12th House- Pisces ruled by Jupiter.

MTS- Mool Trikona Sign. In this sign, a planet gets more powerful than its own exalted sign.

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