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Proof of Honesty to an Enlightened being? - Do you really have to ??

Updated: May 22, 2021

“Many Buddhas lived, many Buddhas will live, & many Buddha are still living.They are like a blessing in disguise, always dressed up as a non-uniformed Spiritual Agent, serving the Purpose of the Entire Universe.

I would, like to share my own experience about a short and brief meeting with a Spiritual and beautiful young Indian Woman. whom I met during my tour at Varanasi in 2021. This was an inclusive as well as cohesive one, while I was meditating on the banks of river Ganga near Manikarnika Ghat, I was almost overwhelmed to feel the bliss within me. That day, was a cloudy and windy day, and I went to Manikarnika Ghat, early morning for meditation. Please see the video of Varanasi- Ganga on that day in my Youtube Link —

Suddenly, after an hour of meditation, when I opened my eyes, I saw a beautiful young Indian woman, in white Salwar, sitting beside me, silently viewing the Varanasi Ghat from the Manikarnika Ghat. I was intrigued to talk to her, when she herself spoke out —
Do you really need to be honest to an enlightened being?

I was not able to speak a word, and found that, my words have fallen shortened. She smiled and she asked me politely, whether I wish to talk to her. I nodded, and she continued.

She spoke in a husky yet noble tone, “What can one expect from a young lady like me whose future, past, & present vanished in space? Who can ever accept me as the Ultimate Alchemist, who herself was bound to shed off the Id, Ego & Superego?

A spiritual prodigy since Childhood, almost when 10 years old- I started practicing Kriya Yoga and had unknowingly got initiated into Dhakshinacharik Tantra Sadhana. The silent yet powerful powers of Tantra had suddenly uttered inside me , one good silent evening.

Yes, I know I had suffered from a massive Kundalini psychosis due to my sudden awakening. The incident had not just limited to multiple psychiatric hospitalization or rehabilitation but also I had to face utter humiliation and disgrace to my chastity & Psychology for around 10 long years.

But Should I stop myself, in my present and future days? The answer from my inner self was simple a big fat NO. I believe that, now it’s time again to rise high and cherish my own Unlimited Potential & Vibration.

I often say, “Many Buddhas lived, many Buddhas will live, & many Buddha are still living. They are like a blessing in disguise, always dressed up as a non-uniformed Spiritual Agent, serving the Purpose of the Entire Universe.”

Now one who deals with me or will be going to deal with me must decide about how they take me on their life’s journey, who themselves bear excessive Pandemonium within them.

1) The question is that would you like to prove that you are honest to a person who is an enlightened being?

2) And the second part, would even an enlightened person worry about him or her being declared or accepted to be an enlightened one from you?

3) The third & last one, is there a mandate for the enlightened persons to dress up like a nun or a monk, & lead a life of a recluse or hermit?

Well, to me, it is again a big, No. Why am I saying so?

I am saying so because, leaving house and livelihood is not and never can be an option. It is just a way out for those who never wants distraction or rather to say, cannot afford to manage any distraction.

  1. Why should someone need something to get focused upon to get the ultimate liberation?

  2. Why should one adopt the life of a monk as a new embodiment, for spiritual growth?

  3. Why would he or she need to leave the old and adopt the new?

If someone never gets distracted from anything or everything, that he or she may get to face in everyday life, or is used to, she is already a spiritual being.

I am living a life of abstinence and is a celibate for last 2 and a half years. I have lead a life of Penance, austerity, celibacy and abstinence out of my own choice, and definately not out from any compulsion. During this phase, I acquired great capacities on the clairvoyance and Psychic Telepathy. But I did not and never intend to shed off my old and adopt a new lifestyle pattern to gain my spiritual knowledge or mystical powers.

It is because I consider everything and anything as energy and this includes me or everything that are connected or created by me like say- astral/temporal /celestial thoughts and works vis-a-vis. It is not just dealing with touching, sensing, seeing at the 5 sensory perception level. It is beyond the 5- senses. One needs to go beyond his 5 senses. It is the usage and quality experience of extra sensory perception level. It can be achieved mainly using or activating 6 & 7th sense organs, Pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

Now, whether I have reached enlightenment or not?

I would say, I don’t have any idea to answer it nor even willing to answer, if I ever come to know it. Moreover, I have no interest in wasting my time and energy to inquire about the same by demystifying my intrinsic or default node brain networks. The other side must get affirmed with the answers that I give and the way I behave while dealing with them almost on regular basis.

I believe,

Enlightenment is like a flow of a river. It wets, cultivates, riches the soil it touches or passes by.

It is and should also bear a nature of enlightenment of the enlightened and liberated persons. Unless the river meets the sea or the ocean, and the person’s consciousness reach and merge with the ultimate, the surge or desire of sheer seeking and inquisitiveness will be there.

Some enlightened person’s needs to bear ego too. Otherwise, many things will be left undone if one is satisfied & gratified of him, of being or getting enlightened. Him so, leaving his own life purpose in the mere play of Universal Destiny and Intelligence also bears a certain level of ignorance.

People only get the fruits out from of their labour says, the book called Lal Kitab, also, known as the book of Karmic Depts. So whether a man is doing some good works in the world or not, whether he is in multiple sexual relationships or not, whether he is fully involved in a religion, his practices in spirituality, or not, the result or effect of his deeds or specifically saying karma for his total liveration or mukti, will not depend on these.

The liberation of a man depends on how much conscious they are while performing these activities, or any act, good or bad. There is no explanation, anywhere in any famous scripture, that a man’s severance from his own Moha-Maya or lust-desires actually helps him towards total liberation, if he is not performing any act or work consciously.

However, if he observes his consciousness and awareness, being highly involved in an activitity without any expections from the outcome, his any choice on either paths of spirituality or religion, will be able to reach the pinnacle of success in a greater way.

Uttering of filthy or hurting words, to someone or about their character, or behaving or showing patterns of communication similar to these, is like distant lands apart between one’s good faith at personal front and about him being a true human. This may not be a serious one as of now but this may become one, if one doesn’t start working on it sooner than the soonest. Also it may lead them into trouble & wilderness sometime. The reason behind is —

Accumulation of karmic deeds, and the fruits of all the karma shall come to you.

The root cause of today’s many problems are on the use and choice of words, language, body movements, behaviors, expressions and the timings while one communicates. Also a fact majoring a sprouting concern, is a certain level of precognition or preconceived ideas, beliefs, notions, and approaches, that works first within one’s own level at first point. When someone like me is talking to them, telling about them, about their business, their problems etc & etc, I find people are quite confused between their tongue and their brain. One may give at some point of their life time, enough clarifications about their own statements, but noting can heal the stink that one had given or is still giving to the other person.

Let me be very honest here itself, One needs to grow up much more high to handle a case or a person like me, including raising their awareness, consciousness, and perception. The activities going around me, my related matters, good or bad, favoring or non favoring , just seem to be quite immature and a domestic playfulness between infants and kids. Moreover, one can never have a certain level of idea about me and my connections, both at celestial or temporal arena.

Some natives and their progenies are there who don’t do this, intentionally. Probably, they feel sorry later, or ashamed of them, and stop having anymore contact with me. The said mistake happens at their subconscious level, and one remains almost unknown. Actually, one doesn’t know that they are mostly processing the stuffs when they are hearing. But unknowingly they are overlooking the inner meaning, the depth, or level of sensitivity within.

Also to be very much precise and to give a clarity, I would say, that, there is gap of millions between hearing and listening.What is my capacity? I am not even a size & Power of an ant or an earthworm, with respect to these pity souls. An ant or an earthworm is however, never valued by bloody humans. Whether it is you, me or they!

If humans do not exist, the mother earth and nature shall surely flourish to a great extent. Present days are very much evident to a certain level, though very, very minimal. But if all the ants or earthworms in this planet do not exit, the entire nature and planet will collapse that too in a very short span of time. Never mind, In India we say,

Vasudeva Kutumbakkam,

meaning, we are all one family. As per the words of swami Vivekananda,

“Everything that makes for oneness is truth.”

One must not forget it.The word of Union or Unity lies in the deeper meaning of the mantra —

Aham Bhramasmi..”

With this, the voice of the woman stopped, and I became aware that I was already feeling deep level of trance while hearing her voice, and the cool breeze of Ganga- and the smells coming out of Manikarnika Ghat. I opened my eyes somehow, just to find that, there was no one with me, and it was already evening time. I didnot understand anything, totally confused over the loss of my knowledge about the time and space, and that, I was sitting there since early morning, almost for 9–10 hours. Not understanding anything, I booked another Nau Sawari — Boatride, and went back to my hotel — at Dhasmewamedh Ghat.

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