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How to understand planetary strength/effects with respect to degrees of longitude during birth time?

( A wrong myth says- degrees of position determines the effect of the planets on one's life.)

I have theorized a beautiful and hopefully to be one of the most accurate method to calculate the power or strength of any planet from his position, also the level of it's aspects it makes. PS: please don't believe that degrees define the power of the planets.

Degrees are referring to their placements at the time of birth. If any planet is mrit or dead in an Odd sign, it means, in previous lives, it had completed all its karma and also recieved almost all its parabdha bhoga. When any planet is exactly at 30 degree or nearer to it, say 29 degree, means either they Completed their karmic deeds in that house ( 30 degree) and needs to start working upon at the next house, create some karma for next life. In case of 0 degree, they are destined to be learn and create new karma related to the house it is sitting with 0 degree.

Let's understand, in detail how you may understand each planet's effect. For odd sign- 0-6: Bala 6-12: Kumara 12-18: Yuva 18-24: Bridh 24-30: Mrit

For even sign: 0-6: Mrit 6-12: Vridh 12-18: Yuva 18-24: Kumara 24-30: Bala. Even signs-:Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pieces. Odd signs:- Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Now, please don't think, if you have very low or very high degrees, your planets are powerless. The degrees of the planets are telling you the position of them in a certain sign they are sitting. So suppose, any planet say Saturn is 26 degree sitting in an odd sign like Sagittarius, it means, Saturn has some percentage of influence on Sagittarius & some percentage of influence on capricorn.

Also, it's aspects shall just not fall from Sagittarius, but also from Capricorn. To calculate how much percentage- understand this calculation. In a sign- the total degree is 30 degree. Now Saturn is say 25 degree, in Sagittarius.. So, how much effect it has on Sagittarius- (30-25)/30*100= 17%. Hence it's 3rd aspect on Aquarius, 7th Aspect on Gemini, 10th Aspect on Lagna = 17% only.

Now, let's understand how much its effect is falling on Capricorn. Since, Saturn is 6 degree less to enter Capricorn, we shall consider, its effect will be felt similar to 30-6= 24 degree in Capricorn. Now, in even sign, 24 degree means 6 degrees. ( Just reverse the order of 0-30 degrees in odd & even sign. Like, 0 degree in odd sign is 30 degree in even sign, 2 degree in odd sign is 28 degree in even sign, 24 degree in even sign is 6 degree in odd sign).

Now let's understand the effect of saturn in Capricorn- (30-6)/30*100= 80% . Hence, Saturn's 3rd aspect on Pieces, 7th Aspect on Cancer, 10th Aspect on Scorpio from Capricorn will be 80%.

Hence, during Saturn's Mahadasha- 17% effect with respect to Saturn's 3rd/7th/10th aspect will be felt on the significance of one's house number related to the Signs of Aquarius, Gemini, Lagna.

80% effect with respect to Saturn's 3rd/7th/10th aspect will be felt on the significance of one's house number related to the signs of Pieces, Cancer, Scorpio.

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