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369 Manifestation Technique-Your Route to Abundance

Are your manifestation technique failing ? Do you wish to manifest like a Pro and reach your heights of success like you always wished for - The 369 Manifestation technique is here for you..

Hello My Beautiful Souls,
I am here to bring you today — the best and easiest way of manifestation technique. I know, you have a lots of desires, and really wish each of them to come true for you.
Also, it may be that, you are tired of watching thousands of manifestation videos, and using different methods of LOA- Law of Attraction and LOM- Law of Manifestation techniques. Now, I am pretty sure, if you are reading this video, probably, you don’t know, why those methods didnot work or why did your desires never actually met!!
Well, no worries, my High Flyers, just a question to you — Why did or do you try to manifest? Is it because, you feel the lacking of it, and you are badly in need of those wishes or desires to get fulfilled — like a Good and loving spouse, huge money, million dollars pay cheques, committed relationship, name, fame, big house etc etc etc and the list just goes on.
Now, while manifesting, did you feel the lacking or the need within? Did you utter to the Universe- I need .. I want.. I pray..
Well, if this is a case, that, you are trying to manifest something or someone, by these words of affirmations, and feeling a lack or need of them, no good or best technique of manifestation shall work for you.
Before going towards the 369 Manifestation technique- I wish to share some below — A 5 STEP PROCESS to raise your vibrations Higher-
They are:
Firstly declutter your mind from all the existing junks like sorrows, pains, needs, injustice etc.
Then try to Visualise your desire or wishes — Like Subconsciuos visuals for atleast 17 secs. According to famous LOA expert- Abhraham Hicks- any thoughts gets its full power to tune into the universal consciousness out from your subconscious mind only when its is purely focussed and thought upon till 17 seconds.
This is in continous of step no-2, start amplifying your emotions by putting ennormous amount of energies into the thought which you had been thinking and visualising for 17 sec- simply speaking, try to feel it.
Now, with this process continued upto 90 secs, there is a distortion in your mind and actual reality. You atleast for a momemt, tend to forget the difference between your thoughts (i.e. desires/wishes) and the actual reality. You start experiencing your desires as if they arealready existing in the physical world.
Last and the final step, come back to your reality, by becoming mindful and let it go your desires, and do your regular activities. You must not keep pondering or thinking about it continously and never focus on any outcomes.
This is a small step to raise your vibration. Keep practising it for 21 days along with 369 Manifestation technique.

Now, as per the famous scientist, engineer, Physicists, Nicola Tesla Universe has a certain code — as a key to open up for any human potential. Its 3–6–9, and he believed, the entire Universe is goverened by 3–6–9 numbers.
Whether its the 3-phase line of our electrical system, to the primary colors — Red, Yellow, Blue, or the Holy Trinity in Abhrahamic religion mentioned in Bible- The God, The Son and The Holy Ghost or even in Hinduism- Bhramha, Vishnu, Shiva.. everything is made out of 3.
Similar its the spiritual nature of 6 and 9, not just they define many religious believes, but also, many spiritual practises are based up these 6 and 9. In Hindusim, we have 108 beads to chant for a particular mantra, which can be divided by 3,6,and 9. Also, the distance between the sun and the earth, divided by the diameter of the Sun, comes upto 108 — adding all the numbers comes to 9. Same is with the distance between the moon and the earth divided by the diameter of the moon, comes upto 108, which is again equal to 9.
Now, we see, each day is equal to 24 hours- adding upto 6, each hour is equal to 60 minutes, adding upto again 6, each minute is equal to 60 second, which equals to 6. Now in a day we have- 24*60*60 seconds = 86,400 seconds — 8+6+4+0+0 = 18= 1+8=9. Hence, these entire Universe is made up of various patterns of 3–6–9.
Even our genes are made of DNA strands which follows the 3 pattern structure. Hence, any one who is scientific and bears a logical mind, can trust this 3–6–9 Manifestation technique whole heartedly, to change his life, and live in full abundance.
Hence, let’s finally explain you the various methods of 369 Manifestation technique:-
Before that, always remember, to try to have one intension for a specific period of time — starting for 9 days, 18 days, 21 days, 30 days, 45 days pattern.
1) Write your 1 intension in 3 different patterns- Never use- I want .. or I need.. . Never do manifesation by writing your affirmations in lacking or needing way. Always use- I have manifested, I am recieving, I am happy to receive- The words should be written in present tense or present continous tense.
2) Write them on a piece of paper or a copy book or even on your mobile phone exactly for 17 minutes.
3) Try to visualise and meditate upon these 3 affirmations 6 times a day- 3:00 am, 6:00 am, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 9:00 pm.
4) Do this exercise for exactly 9 days, and see your results.
Method 2:
1) Take one intension, write it down in an affirmatory way for 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the noon, and 9 times in the night.
2) Practice it for 45 days, and move on without exepecting.
Method 3:
1) Writing your affirmation 3 times. Its like your are feeling grateful, your are simply thanking Universe for wish fulfillment.
2) Writing your intention 6 times. Its like you are actually using affirmations on your desires.
3)Writing down the action you are wishing for 9 times. Its like after your wishes are coming true, what are you feeling, acting, doing, thinking.
4) You may continue it for 21 days in total.
The outcome often depends upon the size of your wish, you may choose to continue with the same desire for 18 days or 21 days or 30 days or 45 days. Or you may let it go, and move on to your next wish, and come back again after some 21 days.
Happy Sharing || Happy Reading || Happy Manifesting.

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