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Spirituality Versus Religion

Which to choose? Why?

Karmanye vadhikaraste maphaleshu kadachan | Karmaphala heturbhurma ta sangotsa karmani || Sankhya Yoga, Bhagvat Gita (Chapter 2: 46)

The path of religion or the path of spirituality!! Which is effective and where should we go with for our betterment?

Most of the parts of this human body is unknown to us, with centuries after centuries of scientific evolution. For that unknown reason, maybe we the humans can still say with great amazement, that we know nothing about ourselves even after knowing so much.

I may not be able to give my readers much information about the cause of ignorance but still I can say, or maybe I should say with so little experience of mine and my own incredible feelings,
Spirituality is extravagent.
I always feel, that a human body that we have today is nothing but a phenomenal mausoleum of burried emotions, feelings, experiences of millions of various creations in this planet earth.

A human being who is probably living in a certain phase of his life, experiencing psychic or soul attacks, may be claimed to have an mental delusion or paranoia by Medical Sciences. Today, however, I as a mental health consultant wants to give my readers a very important piece of information and requesting them to go a little further down that road, to start believing that these events are actually not unknown, unreal, delusional paranoia. It is very much some spiritual feelings subject to certain evaluations.

I may not write the whole content in this blog pages, but this is definately motivating me to inform my readers about my new book on spiritual enlightenment “THE DARK SIDE OF SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT. An introductory experential book for all spiritual aspiratnts” This is so to my readers to make them able to gain knowledge from me and my experiences out from my spiritual growth and aspirations.

I would like to shed some light about our human anatomical energy structure, which consists of 72,000 energy paths. There are mainly 114 energy circles, in which the most 7 energy circles are considered very important in our body. 2 out of these 114 circles are outside the body. 4 energy circles get automatically activated, no need to work much on them. So, we have around 108 energy circles or chakras left, which we generally need to work upon.

There also lies the age old reason of 108 times chanting in Hinduism or eastern mysticism. If we could see, even we have 108 beads in our sutra, which we generally use in our mantra-tantra techniques. Also, the distance between the moon & Earth is equal to 108 times the diameter of the moon. The distance between the Sun and the earth is 108 times the diameter of the sun.

There are 72,000 energy paths in our body or what is called in human science, as nerves There are 114 energy chakras in our body that are identified as chakras or energy circles.There are the most seven important chakras in our body which are lying in our spinal cord.

The names of those chakras are Muladhara Chakra, Swadhisthana Chakra, Manipurak Chakra, Anahata Chakra, Bishuddhi Chakra, Agna Chakra, and Sahasharak Chakra. These chakras are located in the spinal cord placed over the vital energy paths, the Ira, Pingala, and Sushumna, the three most important nerves in our spinal cord.

What I want to say about Ira, Pingala, Susmana is that the direction in which energy is flowing in our body, and entering or leaving, they are guided by Ira and Pingala.

It determines what kind of energy will enter or leave us, or how much will remain in us in that very important energy chakras or circles are located in the spinal cord.

At the same level in every human body, these chakras and nerves and their places are determined. Most of the time we have this chakra or pulses dormant and even before death we may not be able to revive or awaken them. But by meditating and undergoing some spiritual or energy processes; those chakras or energy circles and the energy pathways can be activated making them much more active, vibratant, energetic and effective.

Sometimes even because from our previous birth reforms or accumulated consciousness, they tend to become much more vigorous or effective with just a small spiritual practice.

In this article I will not be discussing on how to activate these chakras or what happens to those chakras if they get activated or what are the functions of those chakras or what kind of energy they can give us.

I hope my readers want to know more on these bearing some level of inquisitiveness and questions. I face these questions a lot generally and this actually inspires me more, to make the next small work of mine to move it forward and give a final shape.

Now you will ask what the subject of today’s practice is. And I want to talk about how important it is today!
The topic of today's practice is religion and spirituality.

We often have some questions or doubts in our mind that we always have been looking for answers,
looking to know about them even today if a small tinge of fire and shall always be seeking or looking for the answers in the future.

Among those questions, I feel that the following five questions are very important and mostly discussed in all types of spiritual meetings, congregressions, events etc: -

(1) What is religion and spirituality?
(2) Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?
(3) The path of religion or the path of spirituality, which is effective and on which we should go along?
(4) The path of religion or spirituality, which is easier and which we must choose for ourrself?
(5) Is it necessary to leave the family if you want to practice either religion or spirituality?

I want to answer these five questions together because these five questions are not just questions, but doubts and ideas of the mind, which if answered separately, the real meaning shall not stand anyway better.

First of all I will say about religion and spirituality, that religion does not mean to worship, or an action of some adorations or superstitions and no religion is celebrated in spirituality.

Although there is no end to religion, but there is a definite kind of beginning whereas there is no beginning or end in spirituality. The path of religion is very easy and straight as well as objective with some compulsive forms of belief systems and practices. But the path of spirituality is very difficult, requiring lots of patience and ofcourse highly exceptional.

If we want to express religion today, in any form of worship, in any form of God, then the manifestation of racism, differences in customs and ethics, so much have happened or are very well increasing in the world, hopefully, the comments on them are just minimalistic and very well unnecessary.

But if we believe that religion, the will and unwillingness of nature's customs and the universe, is unreformed, does not believe in any superstition, rejects truth-telling, correction, non-violence and waiting for settlement and settlement of evil, then that religion is a religion supporting The United Humanity and that humanism is a religion which is far beyond a practising Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Islam, Sikh, Persian, far above.

If we had followed that religion, the war or bloodshed that we are fighting for religion today
might have stopped long ago.

When we had converted ourselves or trying to get fit into a structure called religion after the Vedic era, sice then the so called religion Humanism started to decline. In our Vedas, Upanishads, before Advaita knowledge, when we were taught to leave (Moha-maya) i.e. (lust-desires) from the humanism or humanity, we determined the life, where we used walk , live a life on the path of spirituality.

Spirituality has disappeared from our lives since the time immemorial, we transformed ourselves into a structured religion and the decline of our spirituality and humanity began. I hope to write as little as I can, to express the difference between religion and spirituality here, because the two words I speak here are the more popular than for their own terms.

Every religion has its creation or blue print in the Vedic era thru Vedas and Upanishads. I shall be describing about these along with Advaita knowledge in a bigger way in the next book.

So the idea is that the path of religion and spirituality is very differencial. It is perhaps something that my readers might have found interesting in this article and I will definitely write the full description in my next book.

I will certainly not answer question number three like any saintly God-Father, priests or popes, mahant, maharaja or akharaBabajis.

Religion is such a thing, where wasting money and earning money is a highly managed and age-old game. By befooling innocent and fearful, superstitious but very wise people, one can very well play tricks with religion, and also get themselves highly justified. This world has shown such examples and made us a big fool in a most perfect and good way. But my readers must never think that I am an anti-religious or a spiritual poet or writer.

I would like to answer these questions thru some theories, with what I call metaphysical sciences or paranormal sciences, although I will not focus on the whole answer in this article and in this book.

A metaphysical theory can actually determine a human being to choose either religion or whether he should practise spirituality. The determining factor is the path of energy flow in their own body, i.e. whether the energy in their system is flowing through their Ira, or Pingla, and how much sushuma bears the ability to hold the energy in their chakras.
In our Vedic scriptures or Vedic astrology, there is a concept called nadi or energy pathway, and is generally mentioned in a horoscope or birth chart. Either the nadi or the energy pathway is mentioned as adi, i.e. the beginning or antya i.e. the end or Madhya or the middle. If we have a nadi called Adi, the energy flows upwards in our body, i.e. the energy flows through Pingala. Pingla is an energy pathway which helps flowing, a masculine energy and it flows towards the solar plexus, or solar energy, and it goes upwards. Such people should choose spirituality. If we have a nadi called Antya, the energy in our body flows downwards which flows through Ira, this energy is a female energy and it flows as lunar energy, it goes downwards, so such a person should chose religion.If we have a nadi called Madhya, then the energy in our body is very much balanced. Such people can choose either spirituality or religion, but then they need to keep their spinal cord very focused and energetic and there is a strong connection for having a Kundalini psychosis and other psychiatric problems, getting involved in illegal and illicit activities. Such persons must seek a guru (spiritual or religious) at an early age. It is certainly not possible to explain each of these words here and I hope that my readers shall be excited to know about them through my next book.

The answer to the fourth question I might expect from my readers, their opinions, because they may have already understood by now, that either religion or spirituality, nothing is so easy and if not done in the right way, it becomes highly malafide and useless.

The answer to the fifth question, I shall give in this way that in this world nothing is wrong or right, immoral or moral, sin or virtue. These are all just mere names given by human beings and none of its effects are manifested in someone’s destiny or deeds.

Spirituality Versus Religion


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