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SERVICES ---includes Alternative Healing methods, Psycho-therapies, Spiritual Coaching, Ayurvedic Diet, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Sambhavi Kriya & Mindfulness Meditation. 

 Energy Healing Methods:

  • Mindfulness Meditation.   

  • All Chakra Healing With Sounds.

  • Pranic Healing.       

  • Reiki Healing. 

  • Mind-Body Scan Meditation

  • All Chakra Healing with Crystals. 

Psycho Therapeutic Methods: 

  • Hypnotherapy.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy. 

  • Expressive Art Therapy. 

  • Dream Analysis.

  • Past Life Regression Therapy.

Yoga Therapy & Healing Methods :

  • Kundalini Yoga.   

  • Hatha Yoga.

  • Ashtanga Yoga.       

  • Sambhavi Kriya

  • Ayurvedic Dietary Meal Plan.   

 Esoteric Healing Methods:


  • Decoding Karmic Code. 

  • Cleansing Collective Unconscious Mind.

  • Increasing Power of Subconscious Mind.

  • Protection & Development of Conscious Mind.

  • Law of Manisfestation & Attraction. 

  • Affirmation Practices. 

We are constantly in pursuit for designing Mind-Practices. We however, currently have in us -

And we offer 10 mins free weekly therapy under this banner- Pre-book your session here . 

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